NSWSKC on the Internet [25]

By Internet Correspondent Jim Croft

Following endorsement of the principle at the recent AGM at Honeymoon Bay, the NSWSKC now has a presence on the Internet World Wide Web, joining the ranks of several other kayak and canoe clubs around the world.

For the moment, as it is being developed, the site can be found at http://www.nswseakayaker.asn.au [Updated March 27, 1999]

It contains information about the club, its members and activities, some articles from present and past magazines, some useful background information for sea kayaking and kayak touring, and links to other internet resources of interest to sea kayakers such as weather and sea reports, lists of gear, trip grading schemes and so on.

The site is still very young and much more information has yet to be added. It is proposed that each new magazine will be added and indexed for easy searching of articles; articles from past magazines will be added to the site as we get them in electronic form.

There are very few images of club activities available at the moment as we are still experimenting with the technology to convert slides and prints to a usable digital format; once we have that under control, your favourite characters will be there in all their glory, in stunning living colour.

If you have any material at all that you feel might be useful or interesting for the NSWSKC WWW site, especially if it is already in electronic form, email it to jrc@anbg.gov.au, or send it on a floppy disk to the editor, and we will do what has to be done.

There is far too much information on the NSWSKC WWW site to put into a single magazine, so each issue we plan to include a description of the information we have, and selected pieces from other kayaking Internet servers around the world, as well as announcements of new services as they come to our notice.

For this issue we include a list of other Internet paddling resources (including those that have already made links to us).