Flotsam and Jetsam [25]

Folding Boats Only

The intrepid Andrew Eddy and two other paddlers of Feathercrafts (or equivalent) are tripping around the coast of south west Tasmania as you read this. The destination is so remote the threesome have chartered a light plane (hope it can handle the weight!) from Hobart to fly them to the launch point. We look forward to the trip report.

Surf Zone Insurance

The ‘Surf Zone Skills’ session at the Rock’n’Roll weekend attracted 36 paddlers. Miraculously, there was only one serious ‘coming together’, in which a Mirage and Seafarer made contact, with the Mirage sustaining serious hull damage. The repair bill was $550 – luckily the owner had a GIO Marine Insurance policy (approx $100 p.a.) which covered the damage. This type of policy might be of interest to some of the more accident/incident prone members of the club. (GIO have since quoted $250 pa for ‘high-risk’ paddlers such as Arunas Pilka and Gary Edmond).

New Kayak to Hit Market

Word has it that a Bateman’s Bay marine busines and the entreprenerial Norm Sanders have joined forces to produce a fibreglass version of Norm’s plywood TAKU. The 14’6″ ‘Innuit Classic’ will include quality fittings such as VCP hatches and will weigh in at around 20kg. Price is likely to be around $1350. For all you paddlers just dying to get their hands on this brilliant surf craft, ‘Flotsam’ will of course announce when and where the first ‘Classics’ will be available.

Page Header News

More observant readers will have noticed not one but two new kayaks adorning the page headers of the magazine. Whereas the previous model was short, bland and more suited to flatwater touring, the new models are ocean equipped, with choice of rudder or retractable skeg. Model A (even pages) is more suited to the lighter paddler, and comes with quality hatches and deck fittings as standard. Model B (odd pages) is expedition-rated and comes with a bulkhead-mounted foot pump and sail. Watch out for more exciting page header designs in the next issue!