Editorial [25]

We’re Under New Management!

By The New Editor

Hi, despite hiding in the back row at the recent AGM I was spotted and am consequently the new editor – welcome to the October ’95 edition?

Yes, for a number of reasons, the NSWSK has become a rather irregular publication of late. As this is not a good thing for club cohesion, my first responsibility will be to make this magazine boringly regular. My second responsibility will be to put out a magazine that is informative, entertaining and, if possible (given the generally sombre, dour nature of sea kayakers), occasionally humorous.

The ‘making it regular’ policy unfortunately means a new feature – the Contributors Hall Of Shame, naming those who chose to go paddling (or pursue some other frivolous pursuit) rather than get material to me by the promised date. The shocking inclusion in the inaugural ‘Shame’ of both our President and Vice President is hopefully an aberration, as both are said to be men of honour. Hopefully, the mere existence of this feature might assist me, the poor Editor, in getting future issues to you all in the appropriate month. If it doesn’t, I would encourage members to show their displeasure at current and future Felons’ by throwing stale booties at them after long Club paddles. The next issue will come out in March!.

Back to the magazine itself – new regular features making their debut in this issue are Jim Croft’s Internet page, the Old Sea Dog’s Gear Locker and possibly even Poet’s Corner.

This issue is also accompanied by the first NSW Sea Kayak club survey. It is hoped that members will respond enthusiastically to the questionnaire, which will be used primarily to prepare a Used Sea Kayak guide for future publication. The opinions of serious paddlers on what works and what doesnt should also be of interest to the manufacturers. The survey will also assist the club in meeting any perceived ‘gaps’ in our paddling calendar. As a further inducement – all paid up members who return a completed questionnaire shall be included in a draw for a $50 giftvoucher from Paddy Palins.

1996 Club Calendar

The new calendar is attached to this issue – , as usual, there are a few ‘quiet’ months at this stage so if you would like to add a trip or regular paddle to the calendar please call Gary Edmond on (042) 84-0836 (H) or send details to him at; 8 Glenhaven St., Woonoona, NSW.

For the information of members who are keen to attend formal training /assessment events, we have also attached the NSW Board of Canoe Education calendar.

Magazine Contributions

If you have an article or an exciting idea that may result in one, please call me to talk about it, or just send me the article, (on a diskette if possible -preferably MSWord format – all diskettes/photos will be returned).

I would also like to start a letters page – they might be letters asking for advice on setting up a sea-kayak (our resident panel of experts is standing by), comments on the latest version on the paddle grading system, or even a criticism of some aspect of a published article (and lets face it – criticism is sometimes warranted eg Waiting for Godot!). Variety is the key – your contributions will ensure that the NSWSK continues to go boldly where very few magazines have gone before.

Members Boat Reviews

When I joined the club in October ’93, my first magazine contained an excellent article by Dave Winkworth on his experience and evaluation of the venerable Puffin. As a newcomer, I found the article interesting and informative, and, had I not just bought a sea-kayak, it might have helped me with my first purchase. Of course, our club members own a wide range of kayaks and know their boats intimately after many kilometres of paddling in a variety of conditions. So where are all the follow up articles on Greenlanders, Mirages, Arctic Raiders, Roscoes etc? To get the ball rolling I formally nominate Mr Gary Parker to make public his highs and lows with the Pittarak Expeditioner. I also nominate the dexterous Mr Gary Edmond to type the article!

Minutes of AGM

The minutes of the AGM held at Honeymoon Bay are attached for your information. Please note that the cases for and against the motion for the club to affiliate with Canoe and Kayak Incorporated will hopefully be in the March issue. Members will then be asked to vote on the motion.

Felon Crime Editor’s Comment
D. Stuber 1 week late with the President’s Report Poor example for the younger members of the executive – must learn that high office is not just about power but also responsibility!
D. Winkworth 2 weeks late with Rock’n’Roll Review Ex President’s performance must improve if lateness is not to become a vice!
J. Croft Late with article and then forgot to give me the diskette when in Sydney – a further 7 day delay Shows promise as a contributor but too much paddling is causing brain fatigue.
L. Hemmings 4 weeks late with magazine format Very poor early performance but made amends with Express Post delivery.