South Coast News [24]

By Nick Gill

From The Tuross Pond

For those interested in the behaviour of costal rivers, Norm Sanders reports that Coila Lake at Tuross has risen after recent heavy rains. However, he reckons another metre is needed for the lake to breach the beach and flow out to sea. An indicatior that all has not been quiet down south is the Norm Sanders visitor index. The index has been high lately with various Canberra paddlers lobbing in,in succession over a three week period. Norm is reported to be recovering well and is back at his desk writing.

For That Inevitable Moment

Those participants in the rescue weekend held over April 8-9 to whom I have spoken say it was time well spent. There was discussion on theory, technique and various rescue options. The weekend was held on Lake Wallagoot, near Tathra, and Saturday was spent mainly on the water practising rescues, and being rescued. On Sunday there was a short ocean paddle.

Food Fests

It seems that the Royal Banquet paddle along the Royal National Park went well. Apart from the food, which was apparently excellent, the event was well organised by Gary Edmond. Attendees report that everybody stayed together, and one told this correspondent that the “hot dogs didn’t go thrashing off into the sunset”. Gary came in for high praise for staying behind the group and making sure all were coping. It was also sugggested that the rating system worked.Everybody came prepared for a grade two paddle and paddled accordingly. As a result the group maintained cohesion and paddlers weren’t left behind.

Further to the food front, some testing of pre-made Asian pastes has been going on. If you are looking for that taste sensation without the effort, many of the curry and other pastes and soups on the market are worth checking out. They are also light and easily packed. My favourite is Laksa, a spicy SE Asian coconut dish. If you carry dried tofu, freeze dried vegetables, powdered coconut milk an dry noodles, you can quickly whip this dish up and not pay a weight penalty in the boat. The ingredients above are all readily available at Asian groceries.

Are We In Divine Company?

There is a strong rumour going around that Mark Pearson of Canberra is a rain god. On three separate occasions lately rain has followed Mark on his paddling trips. This phenomenon has now been obsurved at Tuross with Coila Lake now filling, at Merrica River in Nadgeen Nature Reserve over Easter, and at the Royal National Park during the Royal Banquet weekend paddle. Just be wary when Mark suggests a paddle!

Cliff Surfing

Surfing into cliffs may not be everbody’s cup of tea, but Mark Pearson and I gave it our best shot over Easter in Nadgee Nature Reserve. While I simply tipped myself while still in deep water to avoid a collision. Mark was not so lucky One of the casualties of this encounter was Mark’s paddle. Fortunately we had a couple of spare paddles, and Mark was able to use one of these. So if you are thinking of giving up on that spare paddle that you have been carting around on your deck for years and have never used, think again. Alternatively, if you don’t already have one, you might invest in one.