Flotsam and Jetsam [24]

Dear Sir,

I would like to express outrage at the article ‘Waiting for Godot’ published in the March issue of this august publication. On finishing the article, I was aghast by the realisation that it contained only three words that I had not seen in print before. Mr Edmond’s previous article, the epic ‘Sinking of the Estuary Plus’, contained no less than 27 words either unknown to me or impossible to pronounce. World class writing indeed! Whilst I concede that ‘Estuary Plus’ set an impossibly high standard, the sudden 89% reduction in exciting new words with ‘Godot’ is simply not acceptable. What’s even more galling is, despite the simple prose, I remain bewildered as to the actual point of the article!

How can the kayaking fraternity hope to improve it’s collective vocabulary with this meagre offering. Come on Mr Edmond, lift your game!

Yours perapetaciously
Mark Pearson