Secretary’s Rap [23]

By Gary Edmond

I’ve just returned from one month’s absence. Fortunately most of that was spent paddling in Bass Strait with the inestimable Arunas Pilka. It was a good time-more will be said in coming issues. My absence has resulted in a delayed correspondence, also exacerbated by an unprecedented experience; summer employment. This has been keeping me busy and Dirk, the ‘Patron Saint of Students’, happy. If you’ve sent an unanswered letter or are a new member the ‘backlog’ is being caught up with.

My unexpected absence has meant that the index catalogue will be postponed. The Royal Banquet paddle was also postponed because many of the regular paddlers were already committed. Correspondence was mainly bills and a couple of international enquiries. One of the latter led an English visitor, Leslie Montague, to join a group which spent New Year stranded on the Toll Gate islands with absurdly insufficient volumes of alcohol for a sleep under the stars. She was great company for such an occasion.