President’s Report [21]

By Patrick Dibben

We have reached the end of yet another very successful club year.

As you should already be aware our AGM is on Saturday, 27th August at Tambourine Bay Sea Scout Hall We meet at 12:00 for a BBQ followed by our talk & AGM. The guest speaker is Paul Caffyn!

My term as President has also come to an end and as I have been in this position for two years I won’t be standing for re-election. I’d like to ask everyone to make a special effort to attend the AGM. We need more people to show an interest in nominating for committee positions.

The Secretary’s position has been vacant for two years and during this time I have carried out this role as well as producing the newsletter. The club has doubled in size over the last two years and we definitely need to fill all the committee positions to make the workload manageable.

Despite the workload I have enjoyed my term in office and I’d like to say thanks to all those who have contributed and helped out.

The AGM will be held along with the talk starting at 1: 30pm

“What happens”

  • Minutes of the previous AGM or previous general or committee meetings are accepted.
  • General business is discussed and voted on.
  • The committee presents their reports on activities of the club for the preceding year (Treasurers report etc).
  • Current committee positions are declared open and election of office bearers takes place

Members can nominate a candidate for a position, this must be seconded by another member and if this person accepts the nomination then if they are the sole nominee (and there are no objections) they are elected. If there are more than two candidates then we vote.

Memberships become due after the AGM and you will be able to pay at the meeting. If you have joined after June 1994 then your fees cover you for the new year.

If you don’t make it to the AGM then ~ make an effort to send in your membership promptly. This makes the banking and record keeping much easier for the people who are working for you.

The club now has 143 members and I’d like to welcome our new members …

Finally let me wish the club all the best for the coming year, I have enjoyed my term and have found it a rewarding experience.