Sea Kayaking Course [16]

NSW Canoe Board of Education

By Dirk Stuber

Approximately twenty people from three states attended the course on the 3 & 4th of April at Jervis Bay. The aim of the course was to assess candidates for the Instructors and Sea Proficiency Awards. The course was designed, organised and led by John Wilde Our club was well represented with five member participating.

The weekend was divided into a number of teaching and skills training sessions. The trainee instructors taught on a range of subjects such as kayak design, advantages and disadvantages of folding boats, essential equipment for safe paddling and group teaching skills. Saturday night was devoted to an informative discussion led by Mark Shrimpton on aspects of group leadership.

The skills training sessions where conducted on the water. The trainees instructed the participants on a variety of techniques ranging from basics of good paddling technique to the essentials of sea rescue. The trainees were assessed by John Wilde and Mark Shrimpton.

I highly recommend this course. The quality of instruction is very good. The knowledge and skills taught give the paddler a fair idea of what level of proficiency is required to cope with any situation that develops on the water. Also you meet paddlers from other states and backgrounds, discuss equipment ad nauseam and you usually have some fun.

Congratulations to Michael Maleedy and Arunas Pilka for gaining the Sea Proficiency Award and for Jacqui Shrimpton for her participation in the instructor assessment.

The course is held in April, costs $80 and I’ll see you there next year.