Rock and Rolling at Merimbula [15]

By David Winkworth

All week the weather was terrible. Strong SE winds and rain lashed the South Coast and I prayed for fine weather for the weekend.

It only half worked. ‘Blew like a bastard’ on the Saturday but cleared to a fine spring day on the Sunday.

Around twenty paddlers rolled in on Friday and Saturday from as far away as Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra.

After a brief theory session participants paired off and practised various manoeuvres in their boats at ‘Mitchies jetty’ just inside the bar at Merimbula Lake.

At various intervals, cheers could be heard as one by one the challenge of rolling was mastered.

The days rolling instruction and practice was interspersed with surfing activities on the bar and generally mucking around in other peoples boats. When participants had mastered a roll efforts switched to fine tuning and achieving consistency in their efforts.

As the wind picked up on Saturday evening, we huddled around the barbecue plate while Arunas provided 20 cent pieces to keep the food cooking. Thanks!

Monty Python got a look in during a pregnant pause in discussion about freak waves removing the bell from a lighthouse 250 feet up in 1913……”  And you tell that to the kids of today and they won’t believe you !”

Sunday dawned fine and clear and Merimbula lake bar settled down and provided some lovely surfing waves.

Further rolling practice and boat swapping and then a short coastal paddle to Short Pt/Long Pt followed by some pleasant surfing rounded off the weekend for most paddlers. Most people drifted off and headed home around lunch on Sunday.

Twenty paddlers was an excellent roll-up (no pun intended) for a weekend venue so far from Sydney.

Considering that we also received enquiries from paddlers who ultimately couldn’t make it on the weekend, it would appear that there may be a case for a similar weekend closer to Sydney… ……

… If you feel you might be interested in attending an Eskimo Roll weekend near Sydney sometime in the new year, would you please give the NSWSKC Info Line a call and leave a message to this effect (02 552-0028).

Special thanks to Frank Bakker, John Slattery and Ron Mundie for their help.