Minutes of the General Meeting [11]

Held on 2nd March 1992 at the Police Citizens Youth Club Burwood

Committee Reports
Present: Graham Mundy, Ken McDonald, Shirley Abrahall, Ian McCallan, Cezar Ramos, Gary Burnham, Ian Harding, Michael Richardson, Ray Abrahall
Apologies: Mark Shrimpton
Meeting Opened 7:50PM
Presidents Report: Nil
Treasurers Report: Attached
Moved Ken McDonald Seconded Gary Burnham be received.
Moved K McDonald Seconded G Mundy that members who have not paid their fees for 91-92 are now unfinancial.

General Business


Cezar Ramos resigned as programmer and Ken McDonald volunteered with the approval of the meeting to continue in that position for the remainder of the year. After much discussion Ken McDonald compiled a programme for the next 4 months.

Telephone Bulletin Board

Ian McCallan proposed that we investigate this for the club. R Abrahall to investigate.

Safety on water

A copy of MSB Boating Safety Equipment brochure was tabled. Graham Mundy suggested that we consider a club booklet on safety, skills, equipment etc. compiled from articles in previous newsletters and member contributions.

Club Emblem

Michael Richardson has the completed artwork and obtained a price of $488.00 for 500 black on clear polyester paper stickers.

It was moved K. McDonald and S. Abrahall that prices be obtained for waterproof club emblems. White background and deep blue artwork for issue to existing financial members and new members when joining and that the club committee approve of a price and suitable quantity.


Contributions urgently required from members for future issues.

Definition of a Sea Kayak

A copy was sent to the NSWCA as previously minuted, Mark Shrimpton was requested to review it on their behalf.

Meeting closed 9:40pm