Results of Paddler Skills Survey [7]

Results of our sea kayaker skills survey with a total of 9 responses shows clearly that the club must concentrate on some specific areas of paddler training.

Not surprisingly, most of the replies had some comments to make as well as answering the questions on the form. In general, there is a perceived need for instruction in the bracing and rolling department and several people pointed out that group rescues are only useful if the group is in a position to help you.

Experience Percentage
1-5 years 25%
5-10 years 25%
10+ years 50%
Craft Paddled Percentage
Sea kayaks only 25%
White water boats 75%
Swimming Percentage
Poor 25%
Good 50%
Strong 25%
Skills Percentage (of participants responding Yes)
Paddling 100%
Turning 90%
Bracing 75%
Rolling 40%
Rescue Percentage
Self 60%
Group 50%
Exit 90%
Surf Percentage
Launching 100%
Small 100%
Medium 75%
Experience in variety of Conditions Percentage
Open waters 100%
Enclosed waters 100%

It would seem that we should be looking at basic paddle skills in rough conditions and on self-rescue techniques at our future training days.