Queensland Surfari [7]

By Frank Bakker

The intrepid Frank Bakker and “a few other desperados” are planning a two-stage trip in Queensland waters for later this year.

Stage 1

Whitsunday group – 3 weeks. It is proposed to cover the area from Mackay to Bowen, 100 Nm as the seagull flies. There are numerous islands and side trips abound.

Stage 2

Hinchinbrook Island. Lucinda to Cardwell – 1 week. Side trips to Daintree or Tully (rafting) are a possibility.

A few days may also be spent at Fraser Island on the return trip, to check out the whales.

It is proposed to get underway around the end of May with a total time away of six to seven weeks.


Frank Bakker c/o Khancoban PO
NSW 2642
Ph. 060 76 9360 (a.h)