President’s Report [7]

By John Slattery

In previous magazines we have tried to stress the responsibilities of paddlers when travelling in a group.

All members of this club have a similar responsibility when on any club outing, if the trip leader can not rely upon the more experienced members to set the right example to newcomers, there is little or no point in trying to maintain any semblance of order when on the water.

A situation arose on the recent club trip from inside the harbour out around north head to Shelly Beach, where the group once again became too spread out and a couple of inexperienced paddlers got into difficulties. The group eventually split in two with some paddlers including the trip leader being forced to return to the start point.

This incident came about because the basic law of group paddling was ignored, that is “The speed of the group must be held to that of the slowest paddler”. So if you find that the rest of the group is always behind you, it is your fault not theirs, so slow down, enjoy the scenery and be ready to help out those less experienced than yourself.

Secondly but of no less importance is that when someone is being helped back into their boat after a spill the person in command of the rescue should be the only one talking. It is bad enough for the person in the water trying to follow one set of instructions without having to continuously spin around to take advice from other paddlers who have gathered around to enjoy the show.

Enough sermons for the moment, we as a club have been doing very well financially as you can see from the treasurers report in this magazine and new members are continuing to sign up.

Some people have been paddling in interesting places as you will see in the trip reports and even the training days have produced a fair amount of entertainment for those interested enough to attend.

However the trips convener could use some fresh ideas for club trips and the committee would like to know what the members require of them in organising the club, if you care enough about the club to see it continue to grow please let us know at any one of the club trips which are really our club meetings, or by phone or writing to your committee.